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Barrack Obama: Of the People, By the People, For the People, Chapter 3

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Barrack continued to travel the hostile nation of Amerikkka. Though the land was populated by white devils, he pressed on. He performed his works of social justice despite the rebukes of the crackers. Barrack organized many communities, mostly by color, and income. He raised the dead, and then gave them the preternatural ability to vote.

Barrack came upon a group of people who were trying to organize communities. They said to Barrack: “Teacher, our people are disenfranchised. We are doing all we can to make up for our lack of numbers so things will be equitable, but we are but mortals, and can only do so much.”

The One said: “Do your works in my name, and your group will grow into a mighty oak within this community. I bestow upon you my powers to raise the dead and cause them to vote. I grant you immunity from media scrutiny, and $80,000 to stage demonstrations, give sound to those that are not heard, and light the darkened path of social justice.”

While performing his many miracles, he gathered disciples unto him. One such disciple was Joe the Doubter. Joe was known to make many speeches against Barrack. He doubted the Anointed One’s powers. When Barrack happened upon Joe the Doubter he said: “My son, if you will follow me, I will cleanse your soul of the guilt of your skin color. And I’ll give you a pay raise, and some menial tasks.” Doubting Joe said okay, and became a faithful follower.

Obama gathered many more disciples in his travels. He sent shivers up the legs of onlookers. He caused members of his congregation to faint from sheer joy. He provided hope to the hopeless. He gave the hope that change would come. He caused the people to believe that hoping for change would change their hopelessness.

This has been part three of the Biography of Barrack Obama, brought to you by ACORN, Citizen Services, Inc, and Chris Matthews.

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