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The Barackolypse?

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Go forth to Conservative Political Humor and Satire by Radioactive Liberty and view the prophecy of what is to come.


This One’s For You Insol!

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The most brilliant blogger on the planet, Insolublog, wrote a lengthy, but awesome post. Go read it now…Read it? Good. Wasn’t it awesome? Of course it was. Anywho, it got me thinking. I started to type a comment, but it got kinda long, and I figgered I needed to make it a blog post.

I heard somewhere that FDR said, “Necessitous men are not free men.”

People who promote liberalism use this ideal like a weapon. It is instinctively true. People are indeed slaves because of their needs. People need to eat. People need shelter. People need heat, and water. Without these things, people die. (A stunning revelation, I know)

With that said, people are not slaves to their needs. They are slaves to the method by which their needs are provided. Therefore, the method by which their needs are provided becomes their master. It stands to reason that if a persons needs are provided by that persons marketable talents or skills such that he commands a wage then he becomes his own master. If a person must rely on the kindness of others to see that his needs are met, then he becomes a slave to the person that is providing for him. The provider then becomes that person’s master.

Well, there is a middle ground between the two aforementioned situations. Let’s say a third party steps in and begins to take from those individuals that have become their own masters so that they can give to those individuals that have become slaves to other men by their necessitous nature. Do the necessitous men then become free men? Of course not, they are slaves to that third party. The more needs that third party provides, the more dependent the necessitous become on it. It’s the natural way of things.

Just like a pimp that gives a young girl a taste of crack, and then uses that addiction to make her turn twenty dollar tricks in a car in an alley, the government has created, and perpetuated the enslavement of necessitous men. While liberal politicians have been using their policies to create their own plantation, they have used their accomplices in the news media and educational system to convince people that conservatives are racists and trying to put black people on the plantation, and uncaring for trying to starve poor people to death while protecting big [insert corporation here].

So, black people, and poor people, listen to me. It’s not me, nor George Bush, nor John McCain that’s trying to enslave you. You are already enslaved. You are on the plantation right now. You’ve been convinced that the government is the only entity that can provide for your needs. You’ve become dependent on them. The government has become your master, and the race pimps, and Marxists, like Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan, Barack Obama, and John Edwards are the crackers cracking the whips of racial divide, and class warfare.

Conservatism is the underground railroad that can get you off the plantation. The great thing about this dynamic is all you have to do is reject the bullshit that you’re being fed by the Democrat party, the public school system, and news media. Reject that shit and start believing in yourself and your abilities. Don’t let the claims of “sellout” or “uncle tom” derail you. Don’t let the other crabs pull you back into the bucket. Get out. Once you’ve gotten out, show other people how to get out. Once you do that, the cycle is broken. The plantation is gone. Emancipation is achieved.

And what of those men that have become their own masters? Through tedious regulation enforced by the sword, and overbearing taxation the government is trying to control the free flow of the market. They are trying to gain control of the things men need to become their own masters. Things like the freedom to unionize or not unionize. The freedom for a worker to keep what they’ve earned. The freedom of employers of to hire the best candidates for a given job. The freedom of people to choose where and with whom they invest their money. The freedom of the property owner to use his property as he sees fit.

As the government gains control of this freedom it becomes harder for men to become their own masters. It makes people who were once their own masters necessitous because they can do less and less business without government control. As the government restricts these practices, it makes once free men slaves of the government.

Then again, maybe I’m wrong.

Racist Code Words

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Ever since New York Governor David Patterson called my attention to the fact that the term “community organizer” was a racist code word for “black” I’ve been noticing some more racist code words coming from the McCain campaign.

Here are some other racist code words:

  • That One = A derivative of those people. A common term used by whitey to connote the lower social status of black folks.
  • My Friends = McCain is a Republican; therefore he is incapable of being friends with black folks. Obviously this is just another way of saying “my fellow crackers”.
  • Working Americans = McCain is a Republican; therefore, he believes all black folks are on welfare. Obviously this is just another way of saying “honkies”.
  • Americans = McCain is a Republican; therefore, he is a Zionist. When he says Americans, he really means “teh joooos”.
  • Our Economy = McCain is white; therefore, he doesn’t include black folks when he says “our”. When he says “our economy” he means companies owned by rich honkey, cracker, joos!

I hope this telling look into racism has opened your eyes. To spot racism you have to read between the lines, and understand the person using the language. Go to now, and see if you can spot more racist codewords.

The State of Me Since Passage of the Bailout Bill

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My ass still hurts, but on the bright side, the bleeding has stopped. I think’s ass may still be bleeding though.

Joe Biden Interview

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Well folks, I have just finished my interview with Senator Biden. He was very cordial, and never once made fun of my IQ. It was a rather lengthy discussion that covered everything from the financial crisis to American History. Read the interview below the fold.

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