I Need Your Help

I’ve posted about this before, but I am having trouble coming up with stuff to post. I try to stay on the humorous side of things, but a big part of that is making over the top comparisons. It just seems that things have gotten so over the top, it’s hard to use hyperbole.

See, two years ago, saying that the President of the United States was going force government ownership of General Motors, and fire their CEO would have been viewed as an impossible exaggeration. Now, well, not so much.

Two years ago, saying that Congress was going to draft legislation creating government run health insurance, and tax businesses and individuals that didn’t participate would have seemed like partisan mud-slinging. Or to assert that the government is looking to regulate the carbon dioxide output of individuals would have seemed ridiculous. Now, nothing is ridiculous.

If I tell you to get ready for the camps, how can possibly see that as an exaggeration? Clearly, that’s the only place there is left to go, if you’ll pardon the pun. How can you now rule out the possibility that speech on radio, tv, and the internet will be regulated and censored?

So, how is Hopey Changiness™ working out for you? Discuss amongst yourselves.

9 Responses to “I Need Your Help”

  1. vladviking Says:

    Cant wait for ya’ll to get new GM electric patrol cars.

  2. vladviking Says:

    We had just got done “hopin” with that little drop in Fed pay garnishment awhile back, AKA Stimulus.

    A month went by then we got the “change”.. News releases said the IRS wasnt smart enough to figure out the drop in points need to allow us to keep the aforementioned tidbit. So we was going to probably most likely pay it back.

    Goverment, dumber than they let on.

    Great how they can figure and do the computation to send all this crap whirling around the solar system and land on meteors and such but the
    IRS gets stuck on simple Math.

  3. While I understand you probably can’t talk too much about your job, I find cop blogs the most interesting when the author helps us understand the man or woman behind the badge.

  4. We’re only six months into this, and it feels like 10 years.

  5. You could try to solve the mystery on why it is okay to shoot someone dead with a 9mm from any pistol, but how doing it with a .223 from a AR-15 is evil.

  6. I agree with CQT: the reason I have started lurking police blogs is to learn more about policing and how LEOs think/feel the world. Interesting!

    Thanks for blogging!

  7. Hey Obamba says ya’ll “stupid” now, thought I’d see a hair rise on that one.

    Screwin with Eletist colledge proffesors ya’ll got nerve

  8. burningrabbit Says:

    You arrogant bastard. You think you know how to do it all because you’re a cop. Anything less than perfection or done your way can never be good enough. Your impotence is stunning. Keep tasing, threatening, and blowing smoke up people’s asses while they have to listen to your tired complaints about how nothing is ever done right. The world keeps on turning, your city keeps hiring and grinding pigs like you, and each day you are closer to premature death than me.

  9. atticusthraxx Says:

    Silly Rabbit. Hope you get ticks on your hymen.

    Look after 8 years of possibly the least competent president since Warren G Harding, it seems America will put up with no end of crap from the first person who can use complete sentences and doesn’t get stumped by the Reader’s Digest crossword puzzle. Hence Obama.
    Our system is self-correcting, eventually we rise above the damage done by our leaders. Been doing it for 200+ years. I ain’t gettin too excited.

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