Louisiana Stereotypes

You ever wonder if all those stereotypes about Louisiana are true? You know, that Louisiana is a big swamp filled with alligators, and people with funny sounding names. Well, I am here to tell you that all those stereotypes are indeed true. I have photo evidence so you never have to wonder again.

You non-Louisianians have dog parks where people that live in cities can bring their dogs to get exercise. We have something similar. We have these:

The Alligator Park

The Alligator Park

That’s right, we have parks where we can take our pet alligators out for some exercise. In the above photo you can see my dad on the front of the boat, but if you look even more closely, you can see my pet alligators, Gaston, Boudreaux, Clotile, Guistard, and Jeff out frolicking in the marsh.



Alligators are ambush predators, so they rely on camouflage and stealth to catch their prey. This makes them difficult to capture on film when all you have is a crappy cell phone camera. If look closely at the above photo, you can see Gaston doing his impression of a group of water hyacinth. He does it well.



The above photo was a fun one. Here you can see Boudreaux being “it” in every alligator’s favorite game, Marco Polo. It’s very important for your pet alligators to get regular exercise. A tired gator is a well behaved gator.



Guistard kept getting caught in Marco Polo, and began to misbehave. I had to put him in time out. The only problem is with those camouflage skills I mentioned earlier makes it hard to find where you left him. Guistard can be mischievous, but he’s a good boy.

Guistard’s little transgressions aside, our trip to the alligator park was fun for everyone.

Well, actually me and dad went fishing in Gibson, LA. We found a spot that opened up into the marsh. In that spot there were more big alligators then I have ever seen in one spot. Usually you see the little three and four footers, and never see more than one or two big gators. You can’t tell in the photos because my phone’s camera makes them look like the alligators in Pit Fall, but these gators ranged from about six feet to ten feet.

We ended up catching our limit of bass. My dad caught a couple of four pounders, but most of the fish we caught were around two pounds. Funny thing is, you couldn’t taste the difference once they were battered and fried.

8 Responses to “Louisiana Stereotypes”

  1. snigsspot Says:

    6 to 10 foot long alligators? o.O

    Glad y’all had a good time & glad you caught something. Last time we went fishing, we caught plenty and all were small enough to have been fed to the fish y’all caught.

  2. That sure does look peaceful. And that is from someone who lives in the middle of nowhere.

  3. Glad you got some fish and didn’t become dinner. 🙂

    Any assumptions as to why such big gators were in that area?

  4. Thanks all.

    RT: I think it’s because the spot where this was taken was hard to access. Plus, it just looked like you were in a dead end bayou until you got to the end. There was a fence with a small opening, just big enough for my dad’s boat. You wouldn’t put a 21 foot fiberglass boat in there. I suspect not many people go back there.

  5. My brother, Mike lived in LA for a few years. He never mentioned the gators, but then again, like me, he’s not much into fishing.

    And like RT said, glad you didn’t become dinner!

  6. No Taser experiments on the gators? I’m disappointed. 🙂

  7. snigsspot Says:

    Where the hell is Beauregard? That better not be him on your feet!

  8. SCREW. THAT!!!

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