Finally, I’m Back!

Sorry it took so long folks. Between money issues, scheduling issues, and parts availability issues, this took a while. I apologize for being away so long. I thought up a hundred posts in the last couple weeks, unfortunately, I forgot them all.

If you sent an e-mail, or left a comment, I will try to get to them asap. I will be working all weekend, so this may take while. I am not sure why, but for some reason, my phone doesn’t recognize the security certificate from my blog, and as best I can tell, there is no way to fix the problem. This issue leads to thousands of “click ok if you want to continue” pages every time a page from my blog loads. That means a thousand from the front page, a thousand from the sign in page, a thousand for the dashboard page, a thousand for the new post page, a thousand for the new post page after publishing a post, and a thousand if I want to go back to the main page to ensure the post posted properly. My stylus quit, and gave me the finger after the last time I posted from my phone, so I have been S.O.L.

Anywho, I hope to be back to posting regularly soon. I hope y’all have a good weekend, and again, I apologize.

8 Responses to “Finally, I’m Back!”

  1. No aplogy necessary. Shit happens.

    A favor though – I’ve deleted the Love, Daisy blog and went back to Katey’s Kafe. I missed it too much, and I’ve got years invested in it. Would you mind making the change on the side bar?

    Thanks much.

    BE SAFE!!!!

  2. tazer proof Says:

    Ahh well you aint missed nothin cept they Tasered an old hag on National TV I thought that was cool. Guess here ticker got a recharge. Some whined and said they should’ve. But I say go for it. Thought the off screen moans and lamentations were music to sick ears.

  3. Nice to have found you

  4. One word ……… Twitter.
    Glad you’re back and hope your computer decides to behave. Anxiously awaiting a new “how not to” installment. Weekend is looking mighty fine here. Mid 80’s and sunshine. (Thank you Mother Nature)

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Forgetting blog posts is the main reason I always carry a note book and jot down notes for future blog posts. If I don’t write it down….it’s lost in the greyosphere:)

  7. snigsspot Says:

    Welcome back to cyberspace, Jump. I missed you!

  8. Glad to be back, all.

    Kate, I will update your link asap.

    TP – Taze em all, let Benjamin Franklin sort them out!

    Mr. Police Man – Glad to be found

    EL – I was twittering. It seemed pointless, so I deleted my account. Oh, and screw you with your 80’s!

    RT – I know, right?

    Rebecca – I keep saying I’m going to do that, but never get around to it.

    Snigs – I missed you too

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