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As a 10 year law enforcement professional, sometimes I have trouble understanding some things. See, cops think very differently than most people when it pertains to law enforcement topics, just like I am sure doctors think differently on medical matters, and so on. Sometimes I wonder if I have been in law enforcement so long that I have lost touch with the non-police world. I want you to help me wrap my mind around a few things.

Is it just me, or is it pretty stupid for a parent to call the police because their kid doesn’t want to go to school? Isn’t one pretty much admitting defeat as a parent at that point? Is it wrong of me to have so much disdain in my heart for these people?

Is it just me, or does it seem rather idiotic for one to argue the law with the police? Let’s say for the sake of argument that the hypothetical policeperson (we must be politically correct) is wrong. The hypothetical policeperson is going to do their job the way they see fit, and the hypothetical complainant will not win this argument. Let me give you a for instance: Complainant calls police because their wife took their vehicle. Policeperson says that in this state all property is considered community property until the divorce is settled. What would prompt the complainant to answer with an ill-informed “No it’s not.”

Is it just me, or do people not understand that policepersons pay taxes too, and therefore pay their own salary? Why do idiots always throw out, “I pay your salary!” Bitch, I pay taxes too, so I pay as much of my salary as you do. Along with that, I know the Sheriff too. Spoke to him this morning, as a matter of fact.

Maybe I’m just an asshole that has become too cynical during the course of my career. Maybe I am completely out of touch. Somebody set me straight if I am wrong.


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  1. OMG! I’m cracking up. You are NOT a cynical asshole, you are completely justified because the majority of people making those calls/comments are freakin’ idiots.

    Shit, unless I’m one of those cynical assholes myself… heheheh (19 yrs in LE)

  2. snigsspot Says:

    No Jump, you’re not out of touch or cynical, you’re just intelligent. That’s a rare commodity these days.

    “Do not argue with the police” was the point of tonight’s Mother/Children talk. “If you want to argue, that’s what court is for, but do not argue with the police.”.

    (And yep, calling the cops because your kid won’t go to school rates right up there with “admitting” you cannot control a 2 year old. Ultra fail in neon.)

  3. Coming from a family stuffed with “friendly neighborhood oppression technicians”, I can’t set you straight. You had me rolling!

    1. Police know the law, because they are trained in the law.
    2. Arguing does not endear you to someone who knows their stuff.
    3. Cops should not have to pay their own salaries. And they do.
    4. People will call for the dumbest possible stuff, and believe you should ignore the meth lab in the kitchen because they didn’t call you about the meth lab, they called you about BILLY not going to school.

    It’s a hard job, often in very unexpected ways. People don’t get it. I don’t think I get it, even growing up around it.
    Thanks for the laugh. I was surfing by under humor, and this got me!

  4. Mad Jack Says:

    You mean, ‘Why do people do dumb things’? Well, it depends on who you believe. By definition, the average IQ is 100. Pointing your browser to you will discover that, much to your amazement, research scientists have an IQ of around 140 and common laborers weigh in at 90 or less. Police are rated at 110. Now think a minute. You and your peers are above the average, generally speaking. That means that, just on average, more than half the people you interact with are not as bright as you are. In reality, the people who do dumb things and then argue with you are, generally speaking, not research scientists. All these people really consider is that they are not getting what they want, and so they argue or make dumb requests.

    As far as the law goes, police know a lot about law enforcement, solving and preventing crime as well as general help and assistance. Most are not able to argue Constitutional law with a lawyer or knowledgeable civilian. Most don’t care, as Constitutional law falls outside of their own professional ambit. That’s where the law argument comes in.

    I believe that the old line stating, ‘I pay my taxes, therefore I pay your salary thus making me your boss’ started out as part of a TV comedy in the 1950s and graduated to an acceptable argument. I could certainly be wrong about that, but I believe that’s where it comes from. Again, think in terms of a not terribly bright and somewhat petulant child not getting what it wants.


  5. Being an oxygen thief and telling me how to do my job is one of my biggest pet peeves. It’s a good way to ruin your day.

  6. tazer proof Says:

    I dont know, (Personal expierence) I was driving cab at one time. I had occasion to endup back at the same spot I had left after a drop. Cop at store ( they are allowed to work partime as security) hoofed it over to me in the store as I bought some lunch and started hollering threats about having my license and putting me under the jail type stuff. This I gathered because he thought I left the parking lot too fast last time he saw me. I simply said “Look sir, if Ive done something wrong just write me a ticket I dont need the verbal assault”. This apperently stumped him he mumbled some last comment to have the last word I guess and walked off. Never got a ticket, for why I dont know.

  7. powdergirl Says:

    Out of touch? No. Asshole? Not as far as I can tell.
    Cynical? Well, maybe just a touch, but who could blame
    you for that? Seems like a bit of cynicism would be a necessary character trait for those in your profession.

  8. You have just voiced what probably every cop thinks.

    To the “I pay your salary” shot…one copper here used to reply “you look like a renter to me”…as only property owners (and property taxes) pay the tax our salary comes from.

  9. As an aside, I’ve never had anyone who wasn’t getting disability tell me they pay my salary. They’re riding on the public doll and have the audacity to claim they pay my salary. I usually tell them I pay their rent and their food bill.

  10. People are idiots, and in your line of work, you get to see the professional idiots. (Ditto, Xiphos.)

  11. I’ve never had to call the police to get my children to school. To me, that would make me a failure.

    There have been many times my son has knocked on my bedroom door at 6:20 A.M. saying he doesn’t feel well. SSDD.

    I feel his head, tell him to take two Tums and to get the hell in the shower. He just grumbles and does what he’s told.

    The kid rarely gets sick, so when he is sick, I know it. He’s got the rest of May and he’s done in the middle of June. No excuses. I don’t want to hear it.

    As Jeannie on Ferris Bueller says, “I could be bleeding out my eyes and you still wouldn’t let me stay home.”

    I never pulled that crap either growing up. I actually liked school (believe it or not, I was normal).

    I feel for you having to deal with the idiots. You have my complete sympathy.

  12. eatone Says:

    You are my favorite….you and I are very much alike, you see. We both deal with people who have so much sense of entitlement, yet are the biggest ass hats in society. The one difference is…you get to carry a gun. I other hand, get to put stickets on essays.

    keep it up!

  13. tazer proof Says:

    OK I give up, I’m a coming out the closet. I’m an asshole and I’m ALWAYS cynical. So whats wrong with that? I go out for a smoke and
    watch the rifraf walk by and think jeez what a freak show. How did all this escape Darwinism.

  14. Short answer – you’re not wrong.

    Great post.

  15. “Somebody set me straight if I am wrong.”
    As far as I can tell there is nothing to set straight. You are not cynical, at least I don’t see you that way, nor are you out of touch.

  16. No, you’re not wrong…yet.

    As a 25-year former LEO I can tell you that you won’t be wrong until you beat the dog snot out of the guy who refuses to give you his DL during a traffic stop, and then wants to play dumb like he doesn’t speaka le Englise, and then he…ohhh, wait, that was me…..

    The simple fix for this is to join a local bowling league, join that local Kiwanas Club or some other community function. Then you get to meet civilians whose favorite past time is something other than pissing you off.

    There are good civilians out there young’un, you just have to look.

  17. Idiots abound! If it weren’t for those stupid assholes we’d be working in a different line of work. IDIOTS = Job Security! BTW, great blog, I think I broke a rib laughing.

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