So, Do You Think The Taser Is a Load of Bull?

I have always wanted to try this. Where I work, there are still some rural areas, and we have to deal with fugitive livestock. I was always curious what would happen, but it appears some enterprising individual tested this theory.

So, how many times do you have to pull the trigger for medium rare?


3 Responses to “So, Do You Think The Taser Is a Load of Bull?”

  1. Jesus Christ!

    It looked a little pissed off when it got back up (after 2 seconds!).

    I’ll have mine medium well with a baked potato.

  2. Good to see you, Mr. Mills. I hope those rebellious youngsters haven’t been causing you too much aggravation.

  3. I was raised on a cattle farm. At least once a week, the cattle would walk right through the electric fencing. I’m surprised it knocked him over.

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