To Twitter, or not to Twitter

What say you? I typically reject fads, and other things that “everybody” do. I’ve found that, in general, if “everybody” is doing it, it’s stupid. This Twitter thing is intriguing to me though. I often have thoughts for my blog that run through my head at work. Usually I forget about them as the day wears on, but with Twitter, I can let y’all know what I’m thinking while at work. I think I’ll try this for a while, and see how y’all like it. If you like it, I’ll keep it. If not, I’ll junk it.

You can follow my Twitterers or tweets or whatever here or in the box in the sidebar. Good idea? Bad idea? Tell me what you think.


3 Responses to “To Twitter, or not to Twitter”

  1. You should twitter, That full moon and dominoes pizza statement was hilarious.

  2. tazer proof Says:

    Well My first priorty would be for you to concentrate on stayin alive.

  3. lazyeverdays Says:

    Don’t do it. I almost slit my wrist and I signed up for just 5 minutes.

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