Pirates, Seals, and Hostage Negotiation

Reader Marvin asked:

I know this is off subject, but I have heard that in addition to the threat of rabid wild cops on land, there is now the threat of feral navy seals attacking you, when you are on a pleasure cruise in the Gulf of Aden. I know it might be outside your area of expertise, but could we get some boating safety tips to help us avoid this new danger?

I apologize, Marvin, as I have no expertise on the issue of rabid seals. However, since I am a powerful and influential member of the Law Enforcement Humor media, I have unearthed a video of the pirates trying to negotiate with the Seals:

6 Responses to “Pirates, Seals, and Hostage Negotiation”

  1. I see, the pirates were really on a pleasure cruise in the Gulf of Aden when they were unjustifiably attacked by the evil Navy. Now it makes sense.

    Douchebags aren’t just holding AK-47’s to the heads of hostages, but they also troll cop websites and post their stupidity.

  2. Murder Prosecutor Says:

    Jump out- thought you might get a kick out of this.

    The homicide unit here in the office has a softball team (read – excuse to drink excessively and hit things with a bat)

    The name: “The low sick 24’s”

  3. Xiphos, dude, it’s a joke. Read ,this. Sorry for the confusion.

    RT: Ha, indeed. Or should I say Glenn Reynolds.

    Murder Prosecutor: Ha!

  4. JumpOut, sorry I was addressing Marvin’s comment.

  5. No need to apologize. Marvin was just alluding to my “How Not to Get Killed by the Police” Series. I can see how you could confuse his comment with being negative towards the Seals, but he was making a joke. That’s why you need to read You Should Be Tasered everyday…and twice on Sundays. 😉

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