An Award for IMAO

Apparently Rabid Conservative gave IMAO an award for being rabid and conservative. Harvey decided it would be a good idea to have other bloggers heap awards on IMAO. Since IMAO was the blog that inspired me to start blogging, and I am a shameless self promoter, I figured an award made with my awful image editing skills was the least I could do. The best award I can think of? A get out of tasing free card.



7 Responses to “An Award for IMAO”

  1. I love it! I might just need one of those…depending on whether one day goes too rabid and someone decides to pull a taser out to fry me.



  2. […] of You Should Be Tasered has honored IMAO with the “You should not be tasered” […]

  3. Thanks Rick. I don’t think you should be tasered either/

  4. Heh…go ahead and tase me…it might help with the jitters. *lol*

  5. By the way, you’re entitled to a Participant ribbon if you want it:

  6. Thanks, Harvey. I have to work all weekend, but I’ll post it when I get a chance.

  7. […] for Everybody! Rabid Conservative, Innominatus, the Right Place, and I all gave IMAO awards. I thought a nice link, and all the traffic that comes with it was plenty […]

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