So You Want to be the Police: Prologue

So you want to be the police, huh? Well, come take a ride in my passenger seat. Understand that what you see on TV, even the “reality” shows like COPS, ain’t what its really like. Below the fold is a journey for you to take vicariously through music. CAUTION: NSFW, here there be dirty words!

So you wake up at 0230 hrs. and put on about thirty pounds of uncomfortable equipment. You shove off to make your shift meeting. You reluctantly leave the shift meeting, and spend the next four hours…

Fuck, I’m starting to get sick of these bullshit calls. I’m ready for some real police work. Maybe a scuffle to break up the monotony.

Oh damn!

I can’t believe the propensity of these grown folks to act like children. It so God damned frustrating. These idiots fuck their lives all up, and expect me to unfuck them. I’m going apeshit on the next motherfucker that says I’m scared of the person I’m living with, but I am not leaving my trailer!

Crap, another domestic disturbance! It’s fucking on!

About time our relief decided to come to work. Only ten minutes late today, that’s not bad for them. Miller time! I hope you enjoyed yourself. What? You mean this wasn’t everything you dreamed of and more? It is not the job for everybody. If you’re still pissed about anything that happened today, and can’t shake it off, this ain’t the job for you.


4 Responses to “So You Want to be the Police: Prologue”

  1. Murder Prosecutor Says:

    I like the blog. I work in a major metro city in the south prosecuting homicides. Just like Law & Order, that is if the show consisted of 99% of all of your cases involved some scumbag killing some other scumbag (which should simply be a charge of ventilating occupied clothing)
    Anyhoo – funny stuff. keep cracking heads, just don’t put anything on paper. And remember – exigent circumstances gets you in anywhere without a warrant.

    Now go taser a hippie while I shred some discovery.

  2. Hours of monotony followed by seconds of of “Holy Shit”?

    Thank you for the prologue.

  3. tazer proof Says:

    Wonder if that cool trailer is up fo sale?

  4. Just do it all with a smile on your face. 🙂

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