A Letter to Burger King

My wife had the worst experience at Burger King yesterday. Below the fold is the letter I wrote for her signature. I’m pretty pissed off about it. I wonder if the wankers at Burger King even give a shit.


Burger King Corporation
5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL 33126

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to inform you of the deplorable actions of your employees at the Burger King on Airport Highway in Goneawry, LA. We went through the drive through and the order took forever. When my order was finally placed, we waited in line for twenty minutes. Upon pulling up to the window, the manager of the store said, “You would make a big order when we only have one person in the kitchen.”

While it is understandable that orders would take a long time when shorthanded, and the stress levels would indeed be high under those circumstances, there is absolutely no excuse for the employees to have pizza and daiquiris delivered to them by another uniformed employee while they were working. Are rude behavior, alcohol consumption, and all the pizza one can eat a perk of being employed at Burger King? If so, please contact my boss and convince him of the benefits of such a policy. As much as I would like to do it myself, I cannot see any benefits of employees being pizza gorged and drunk while at work.

Please know that I understand having a fun workplace is good for employee morale. I just have a hard time with being treated rudely, and having my time wasted because the store is understaffed when there is one whole Burger King employee making a daiquiri and pizza run. Well, at least someone enjoyed their dinner tonight.

In case you weren’t sure the aforementioned person enjoying their dinner was not a member of my immediate family. You see, I am a forgiving person, and don’t take to sending strongly worded letters on a whim. I may have just let all the prior rudeness and aggravation go down as just a story to tell around the water cooler had your employees actually gotten one part of the order correct.

You read that correctly, every aspect of the order was wrong. The number of items was short by one. None of the burgers were dressed as ordered. The onion rings tasted like they were rancid. Your employees did not even charge the appropriate price. Well, I take that back, there were some chicken tenders and apple slices in the bag. I don’t count that as a win since it is nearly impossible to mess up chicken tenders and apple slices.

I am shocked by the absolute lack of respect and courtesy by the employees at this restaurant. I don’t think I have ever received treatment this poor in my entire life. The bully that used to pick on me in elementary school was more polite than your employees. At least he said “thanks” after taking my money.

I would think that in these troubled economic times that are seeing huge corporations stumble and fall, every customer counts. Maybe Burger King is too big to fail. Maybe your CEO has some knowledge that the fast food industry will be receiving billions in bail out funds. If that is the case, then I am sorry I wasted my time sending you this letter. However, if Burger King truly cares about it’s employees, this problem should be addressed immediately, or Burger King may lose a few more customers.

Mrs. JumpOut
12345 Elm St.
JumpOutistan, LA


6 Responses to “A Letter to Burger King”

  1. tazer proof Says:

    That’s sure to get you some coupons for some free stuff. BK have it your way! In LA no less. We had a BK here in Pineville that claimed to have a 24hr drive thru. Well you could drive thru anyhow. Wether or not the crew felt like taking orders or cooking at any particular time was strictly a toss of the dice. They still make the claim, I just quit wasting my time.
    I remember when there was drive thru Daquiri shacks all over the place. Open container was legal. Now see what we made em do? Keep all the drinking at work.

  2. You might want to make a phone call to “headquarters” and ask who the regional or district manager is for that restaurant. A call to them might get faster response. (Explain along the way, though. I’d kick up quite a fuss if I were you…in a most eloquent manner, as above.)

  3. tazer proof Says:

    Time and date, just like a report. That way they can run down the cretins that was “on duty”. Emails or letters probably are best. Without face to face lotsa conversations get triple mistook animated and run wild unless you know the person from prior meets. The big cheeses dont want this and they’ll lay into the appropriate supervisory staff and probably even have some mystery shoppers drop in about the same time to check on improvement.

  4. tazer proof Says:

    Every body else is real quiet cause they work at BK , Jump Out.

  5. I never eat there for the same reasons. Bad food, bad service.

  6. My husband and I have had many strange encounters with BK. But, the strangest one was when we pulled up at the BK at noon, ordered two whoppers, and then were told that they weren’t serving burgers that day. Really? Not serving burgers at BURGERking?

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