Some Props for my British Brothers in Blue

<em>Toss off, wanker!</em>

Toss off, wanker!

I saw this photo at the mighty and wondrous police blog SYLG. I just had to post it. What do you reckon the police is telling the bloody protester? I figure it’s one of two things:

“Now, shove off wanker, or I’ll knock the rest of your teeth out!” (Do they say that sort of thing in England? I imagine they do because it sounds cool)


“Toss off you bloody bastard, if you weren’t out here protesting you wouldn’t have been stampeded.” (The language they speak in England is cool)


3 Responses to “Some Props for my British Brothers in Blue”

  1. “Do you know how hard it is to eat corn on the cob with no teeth ya cunt”.

  2. tazer proof Says:

    The dude is yawning in a visual display of contempt. The bobby (haha bobby) is tellin him to get to the first aid station and get patched up or he wont be allowed to participate in any more protestin.

  3. The officer/bobby is probably telling him that his fake blood is a huge fail….that and his entire life.

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