Uncharted Territory

I’m about to try something new, uncharted territory if you will. You see, being a powerful and influential member of the law enforcement humor media, I was asked to do a book review.

The book I was asked to review is called No Angel. It’s the story of ATF Agent Jay Dobyns and his infiltration of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang. I actually first heard about the book when Agt. Dobyns was interviewed on Coast to Coast AM (no, bitch, I don’t believe in aliens). I have too short an attention span to read usually, but the interview certainly made the book sound like a worthwhile investment of my time.

Well, I got my free copy of the book today so I could get to reviewing it. I’m not sure how long it’s going to take. Between work, three kids, a nearly fatal video game addiction, and the attention span of a gerbil on meth, there are plenty of distractions.

I will say this: In just the first chapter, they are already describing a head injury as “…his head split to the white meat.” and one of the agents singing Easy Like Sunday Morning poorly. The former being a phrase I’ve seldom heard used outside of criminals and cops, the latter being a bad habit of mine that drives my wife crazy. For instance: “What do you want for supper?”

“That’s why I’m eeeeeasaaaayyyyy, easy like Sunday morning.”

You can see how that would get annoying. Anywho, I got four chapters down, with 35 to go. I’ll be giving you a detailed and expert analysis of this book which seems to be teeming with kickassedness.

5 Responses to “Uncharted Territory”

  1. tazer proof Says:

    Never been happy with the ATF, loose cannons that end up calling the FBI when they get their a$$ in a crack.
    If this was the same guy that I saw on TV about bustin up The HA in AZ? Most of the “Work” ended up for naught. Because the prosecution couldnt or wouldnt release “All” the investigation records/etc. as requested by the defense.
    The HA’s probably got more work out of them than the FED cleaning up and sweeping floors after HA members as hang arounds and prospects trying to earn full member status as their cover supposedly dictated.

  2. Pick me pick me!
    Oh, you’re not having a giveaway. 😦
    Well, then let me say this… email me and I’ll make an offer on a really cool trade so I can have that book when you’re done. I’d like to read it, but probably would never actually get around to buying it.

  3. Sounds like a pretty awesome book.

  4. snigsspot Says:

    So, are you done yet? 😀

  5. […] Yeah, I’m still around. I kind of put blogging on hold for a while to finish reading No Angel. Well, I finished reading reading No Angel and I am working on the book […]

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