Since We’ve Been Slacking

ColdSoldier and I have been getting abused like rented mules at work lately, so we’ve been kind of slacking on the blogging front, in case you haven’t noticed. In effort to cover this up, while exerting as little effort as possible, here are some links to other stuff you might like:

My latest Law Enforcement and political humor at Radioactive Liberty

I’ve gotten involved with a project started by political humorist Les James. It’s called Mild Max, and it’s an ongoing story with alternating writers. I was supposed to do Chapter 2 but my computer problems screwed that up. So I’ll be doing Chapter 5 not this Friday, but next. Catch up from the beginning.

So go catch up. I should have a new educational piece up by the weekend. See you then.


6 Responses to “Since We’ve Been Slacking”

  1. I wish JumpOut all the best. Trying to follow Alex L is a challenge. The “novel” is going along rather well but we need more writers. If any of you interested, you can go to the Mad Max link in this post and get the info.

  2. Oh, so sorry Mr. James, I did not mean to demean the “novel” by calling it a “story”.

    And I did mean to recruit other writers, but I forgot.

  3. snigsspot Says:


    Kidding, kidding!

    May the citizens of your community all behave like perfect ladies and gentlemen this weekend where you guys catch a break.

  4. Thank you for the add. Much appreciated.

    You are a natural and you know how to keep readers coming back for more. I thank you for that.

    Be safe out there.

  5. JO- Thanks for the admissions. I’m -like the rest of your readers- looking forward to your chapter.

  6. Don’t you know…you and the cold dude don’t need to worry about stopping crime. Now that Obambi is in charge, the criminals (who are just misunderstood, don’t ya know) will throw down their arms, stop hurting folks and will end their thievery .

    You should have all the time in the world!

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