Hippies Smell Like Crap…

…But apparently hippie crap has no smell. And people wonder why I think hippie eradication would solve 90% of the world’s problems.


8 Responses to “Hippies Smell Like Crap…”

  1. What on earth is the problem with using toilet paper? Those people are idiots.

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  4. Why did I click on that link whilst trying to eat my breakfast? Dangit!

  5. tazer proof Says:

    No not too them. They used to it and dont notice no more. Just like being out in the field for a couple weeks and not taking a shower all that time.
    A whole platoon dont know they stink until everybody gets back and takes a shower and starts picking up on the ones who aint showered yet, and their own clothes they took off that stand up by themselves in the wall locker. And far as I know they still supply “paper” in MRE’s, hate to think the Hippies will get control over GREENing up the military supply chain. Issue everybody a S##t towel “one each”, if you loose it, that’s
    $45.00 out of your next paycheck, NJP.

  6. Katey, you are quite welcome to link here anytime. Thanks

  7. I suppose the extra water we would use to clean the shit rags (AKA poor mans bidet) would be OK?

  8. Quit using all that logic. In Obama’s America logic uses you!

    H/T IMAO…again

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