Though I am The Sole Survivior…..

Well the end to that is “I will continue the mission” pretty sure thats out of the “Ranger Handbook” although I was military  I was never a ranger(engineer)and  I never claim to be what I’m not, besides I’ve done enough crazy shit in my life I’m cool with not having to generate false stuff.

  Jumpout is obviously having technical issues, which is pretty funny because he’s the computer wiz, and i can pretty much not operate it unless it generates a projectile or runs off of diesel (a product of my military days).

Also folks please excuse my occasional grammerical errors as i do this all “freehand”(i.e. no spell check and the like)

   Well me and jumpout had a very bad weekend due to bad manpower shortages’ and an extremely high level of devilment occuring, and my brain,and I’m sure his, is a little fried right now. I promise to have a somewhat interesting post tomorrow , although he has much more material than I.

  Need to run folks I have a 5 y.o. tugging at my leg that wants my time too.


4 Responses to “Though I am The Sole Survivior…..”

  1. Life is crazy, more so for LEO. Thanks for the updates.

  2. Well, there’s the problem. Don’t wiz on your computer. A good lesson for us all.

  3. I figured Jump tased his computer for showing hippie images…

  4. Poor Jump Out. 😦

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