Awww Nuts

My computer has crashed. I have no idea what’s wrong with it. I have no money to get it fixed, or to buy a new one right now. I am posting this from my phone, but it’s a huge pain in the ass. Bear with me while I sort out my technical difficulties. I am sure ColdSoldier can hold down the fort until I return.


4 Responses to “Awww Nuts”

  1. USA_Admiral Says:

    That sucks. Mine is just about to die too. It is doing funky stuff. Good luck on the difficulties.

  2. That sucks… what is it with this time of the year and things breaking. My car needs work, the wind knocked some shingles off the roof…my fence has some missing slats…Im stressing….

  3. I have a lot of spare parts laying around if you find out what you need.
    (won’t mention the over flowing boxes in the spare bedroom full of parts)

  4. Dang. That just sucks rocks. Hope you are up and running soon. 🙂

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