Is It Just Me?………………….

 I really hate for my first post to be of  a controversial nature, but sometimes things just jump up and smack you between the eyes like a 2×4. Over the  past two weeks, in the course of my duties as a dedicated law enforcement  professional, something has not seemed right, nothing I could put my finger on, but something I’ll refer to as a “great disturbance in the force”. Finally on Tuesday the revelation came like the 2×4. I had personally handled 11 calls, nothing out of the ordinary, but the first thing that struck me was most of the calls were what we call absolute b.s. not even worthy of  becoming public record, let along qualify as a crime. The second was that 10 of my complainants were of African descent.

Now stay with me here folks before you label me a racist….on second thought, I dont give a shit what you think of me, I know my own heart and don’t feel compelled to “prove myself” to any man. I will not patronize you the obligatory “I have black friends”, I have friends of all colors and nationalities. I am however prejudice, and if you think that equates to racism, read a dictonary you freaking liberal hippie, IT KEEPS ME ALIVE! If  you insist I hate a particular group, I’m afraid you are right, I hate ignorant people, regardless of what color it manifests itself in.

  That being said, ignorance does seem to manifest itself in one color far more than others, per capita.It seems that since America in its infinite wisdom has chosen to put Barry into office (sorry folks i refuse to call a kenyan communist “President”) this ignorance will run unabated.

Getting back to the disproportionate number of calls coming from the black community, keep in mind the racial makeup of my patrol area is roughly 90% white and 10% black. Sorry,I did forget the Hispanics in this estimate ,but as a whole , illegal or not, they tend to work hard and solve their own problems(a lesson both white and black can learn a lesson from). Why the sudden switch? I have a theory. Wanna hear it? Here it go. The quiet since of entitlement that has been prevalent in this community for years, and pandored to by whites, has now become a loud demand.

  I do blame white people for this, either for their own ignorance, white guilt, whatever, they are responsible for putting an “empty suit” in the highest office in the United States. This man’s main problem, is the same problem the people who put him into office freaking life experience! Can anyone name me one job( outside of politics) that this man has ever had? One business he has ever operated? Anyone? With this type of work ethic, who can we expect to benefit from his presidency?

  If I have pissed you off in any way, I have accomplished my mission.


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  1. The Persians had their Empire, as did the Romans, The French, The British, and the Russians. History credits each with one man responsible for it’s loss of control over their vast interests. I fear, as I think you do as well, that our newest chief will usher in that same fate for America. Our problems here on the homefront are just he beginning.

    Keep the faith my friend, and if you anything like me, you will get ready to triple your efforts.

  2. USA_Admiral Says:

    Alas, the end begins in earnest.

  3. You failed to piss me off, but I damn sure liked how you said what you did.

  4. Can’t please everyone, and when you try to, chaos ensues.

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