Law Enforcement Facts: I’m Here To Help


Have you ever found yourself sitting at home contemplating the mysteries of the universe? Have you ever found yourself wondering, “How could I go about getting kicked in the face by a police officer?” Wonder no more, I’m here to help!

The following list are things you can do to greatly increase your chances of getting kicked in the face by a police officer:

  • Run
  • Tell a police officer that he can’t arrest you in your own house
  • Make one more donut joke
  • If you’re a cop, buy donuts in uniform (Well, you may not actually get kicked, but you will be ridiculed which is probably worse)
  • Make your fifth false rape report
  • Beat up your elderly mother

I hope that clears things up for you. Thanks for visiting, and have a nice day.

4 Responses to “Law Enforcement Facts: I’m Here To Help”

  1. USA_Admiral Says:

    What if you bring donuts to the Substation?

  2. That’s acceptable, generally smiled upon.

  3. My wife once sent me to the local donut shop after work to pick up some food for a PTO party she was organizing…she didnt tell me Id be picking up something like 25 dozen donuts while I was still in uniform.

  4. Womp womp waaaaa… 😛

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