Pierre and Boudreaux Discuss National Security

Hey, Pierre!

Comment ca va, Boudreaux?

Eh, ca va. I’m tired of being in dis jail. I’m so glad you came to bail me out.

No problem, Boudreaux, but you never told me exactly what happened. How did you end up in here?

Well, Pierre, you know I like to fight dem dogs.

Ahh, Boudreaux, don’t tell me dey caught you fightin’ dem dogs!

Oh, mais non, dey didn’t catch me fightin’ da dogs. My dogs got loose, and they mauled several small children.

Tonnere! How did you let dat happen Boudreux, you couillon.

Well, dose dogs, dey was mistreated. I had Thibodeaux taking care of’em and he used to do some stuff to dem dogs to train’em to fight. He used to spray dem wit da hose, and he would make’em listen to some bad music, and he would not let dem sleep. Mais, my conscience started getting to me, so I just let’em go.


4 Responses to “Pierre and Boudreaux Discuss National Security”

  1. And dem dogs will come back to bite dem in da ass.

    But, da dogs, dey innocent, right?

  2. Not to worry, Europe will take the dogs. And the children? It was their fault.

  3. cold soldier Says:

    I bet thibodeaux also put underwear on those poor dogs head, had them oggled by a hillbilly girl, and let other dogs bark at their crotch

  4. Glad to see you finally made it, buddy.

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