Great Man Murdered by Police

Dallas, North Carolina police shot and killed a great man. On January 24, 2009, a man known to his friends as “Tiny Brown” was sitting on his front porch reading his bible when the police officers showed up and killed him.

Tiny’s family feel the shooting was unnecessary. They said Tiny was a good boy that loved his family. They said he was a great guy and a brother to us all. They said he helped the neighborhood, and was a loved one. Besides, how dangerous could a man named Tiny be?

They’re relatively certain that a cure for cancer and an appointment to Barack Obama’s cabinet were forthcoming, but he was cut down way too soon.

They said his criminal history:

Sentence began: Aug. 31, 1995
Released: July 13, 2007
Convictions: Possession with intent to sell Schedule II controlled substance (three counts), sell Schedule II controlled substance (three counts)

Sentence began: Jan. 6, 1987
Released: Aug. 13, 1993
Convictions: Assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury (two counts), common-law robbery

Sentence began: Jan. 19, 1984
Released: Nov. 4, 1985
Convictions: Felony breaking and entering, common-law robbery, assault on a female

Sentence began: Feb. 2, 1982
Released: Dec. 13, 1982
Convictions: Breaking /entering and larceny, larceny – more more than $200

Sentence began: Dec. 9, 1980
Released: Feb. 22, 1982
Convictions: Misdemeanor breaking and entering (two counts), larceny – more more than $200 (two counts)

And his attempt to grab one of the arresting officer’s firearms were lies perpetrated by The Man.


6 Responses to “Great Man Murdered by Police”

  1. A criminal grab for a officer’s gun? That’s just so unbelievable, isn’t it?

    I read where one of his sisters said they could have tased him again and everything would have been happiness on a Hunky stick. They were probably just respecting his rights while he was hollering, “Don’t tase me bro!”.

  2. Loving father…devoted son…was going to be a doctor…all of that im sure.

  3. No, He was going to be a doctor and a minister.

  4. It’s listed right here on your site: How NOT to get killed by police: Disarmament .

    If confronted by raving maniac police officers at your house for no reason with their guns drawn, DO NOT GRAB THEIR GUN!!!

    Now, if he had been following your site like all good criminals should be, he would Not have been shot, and consequently killed, now would he?
    You really should get those manuals printed up and distributed, before anymore “good people” get killed.

  5. Wow. Another promising career in crime shot to hell. Oh, that was a pun, wasn’t it?

  6. cold soldier Says:

    let me see..trying to take the officers gun + darwinian theory= assuming room temperature

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