Roll Tide, Roll, Around the Bowl and Down the Hole

If there were ever an illustration of why there should be a College Football Playoff System, it was last night. The mighty Crimson Tide of Alabama, a team that was ranked number one in the country until being beaten by Florida in the SEC championship game, was not just beaten, but taken to the woodshed like crimson-haired step-children by upstart Utah. Utah finishes the season unbeaten.

Let make sure you understand, I in no way think Utah could win the National Championship if they got a shot at it. I think last night was a fluke, and was a product of overconfidence, and a team not taking their opponent seriously. With that said, Utah deserves a shot at the title. It’s an injustice that the current system won’t even let Utah sniff the crystal ball. It’s a travesty, and it disgusts me as a college football fan.

It almost disgusts me as much as Alabama’s performance last night. For that embarrassment, they should be kicked out of the SEC. We should trade them to the PAC 10 for USC, or to the Sun Mountain Eastern Unicorn conference (or whatever the hell it is) for Utah.


4 Responses to “Roll Tide, Roll, Around the Bowl and Down the Hole”

  1. Dude, You really need to go out and tase someone.

    I agree. It is why I have never enjoyed College football as much as I should.

  2. AMEN to that! We need a playoff system! Screw the bowls!!

  3. Someone lose a bet?

  4. I am a Tide Fan and I think that was a great game. Well played, Utes.

    As far as a shot at the title? hmm. maybe

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