The Economy Is So Dead

For months now we’ve been hearing about how awful the economy is. We’ve heard that nobody is driving, we’ve heard that nobody is shopping, and we’ve heard that nobody is working. Everybody is getting a bailout (except for unknown law enforcement humor bloggers) and the economy is still suffering.

This begs one question: Where in the fuck did all these people at the mall come from? Are they freakin’ foreigners? If everybody is broke, and nobody is driving, shopping or working, why did it take me three hours to buy two things at the mall today?

I have some advice for all you broke, unemployed, sorry, sons of bitches out there. STAY OUT OF THE GODDAMNED MALL!!!!

4 Responses to “The Economy Is So Dead”

  1. Wasn’t me, I’m one of the chosen few still working.

  2. Im to busy working to shop.

  3. I am too pissed at all the lowlifes at the mall to go to the mall this time of year.

  4. I stuck for half an hour in the Recession at the shopping center this morning. Maybe if everyone wasn’t losing their jobs then they would not have all that free time to go shopping.

    On another note, I also had a hard candy shell of Global Warming to scrape off my car.

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