Law Enforcement Facts: What to Know Before You Call the Police

During my time in law enforcement I’ve found that many people that call the police are very unfamiliar with the criminal laws that govern them. Here is a helpful list to make your next contact with law enforcement more pleasant:

  • One anonymous hang-up phone-call doesn’t count as “harassment”
  • You “knowing” that someone is selling drugs does not count as probable cause
  • If your dog gets hit by a car in the road, you will be charged for allowing your dog to be in the road
  • Yes, I can arrest you for Domestic Violence in your own house
  • You being the one that called the police doesn’t give you immunity from arrest
  • Just because your lawyer said it doesn’t make it so
  • You might beat the rap, but you won’t beat the ride

The information contained in this list should help you determine whether or not you should call the police in some common situations. Hopefully your next contact with law enforcement will be a smooth one.


3 Responses to “Law Enforcement Facts: What to Know Before You Call the Police”

  1. Thanks for the Advice; I hope I never need it.

  2. What would I get if I asked called you to get my cat out of a tree?

    (Why is it I have a feeling you’d taser it? 😀 )

  3. If I had a dollar for every victim/complainant we’ve locked up, I’d be a millionaire.

    Mental note: DO NOT go to a detective division to make a complaint if there is an active warrant out for your arrest, dumbasses!

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