Giving Credit to Obama

Leftards like to accuse us conservatives of being narrow minded and bigoted and all the rest. I guess I can understand why. I mean, the way I lampooned Obama’s media coverage and ridiculed Obama’s associations it probably seems I just don’t like the guy. But that’s not so. Well, I don’t like the guy, but that doesn’t mean I disagree with everything he says.

Barack Obama and I agree on one thing: There must be a playoff system in College Football. There is no sane reason not to. I’m sick of hearing about USC’s so-called “2003 national championship.” If Oklahoma wins this year (they won’t) Texas has a legitimate gripe since they had the same record, beat Oklahoma head-to-head and didn’t even get a shot at the conference title because of the Big 12’s tie breaker system. If Oklahoma manages to beat Florida, Oklahoma fans will be so sick of hearing about how Texas should have had a shot from ESPN they are going to hang themselves in large numbers. All this end of the year conjecture is stupid, let them settle it on the field.

I always hear the biggest reasons there is no playoff system are:

  1. Players will miss too much class
  2. We can’t get rid of bowl games
  3. The Big Ten, Notre Dame, and USC will never win another national championship

Okay, so I added that last one, but it is true. Anyhoo, I think we can come up with a system that addresses those concerns. First, we make it an eight team playoff, which would add at most three games to the schedule. We cut the regular season by two games, and anybody that wants to be considered eligible must play the same number of games, ten regular season and a conference championship game. We add two existing bowl games (like the Cotton Bowl and Capital One Bowl) to the BCS series, and make the BCS series your playoffs. All the other bowl games will remain just as they always were.

We must reorganize the BCS conferences. We kick out the PAC 10 and the Big East to start. Then, every two years the conference with the fewest number of BCS teams gets kicked out, and the conference with the most at large bids gets in.

The first four teams will come from the BCS conference champions, and the next four will be the highest rated teams in the BCS that aren’t already in by winning their conference.

This won’t extend the season by much. It won’t spell the doom of the bowl games. It would give any team willing to organize their conference similarly to the BCS conferences a chance to win it all. If we had implemented this plan this year the BCS would look like this:

  • Florida(SEC CC)
  • Okalahoma (Big 12 CC)
  • Penn State (Big 10 CC)
  • Virginia Tech(ACC CC)
  • Texas(#3)
  • Alabama(#4)
  • USC(#5)
  • Utah(#6)

Those eight teams would have a shot at a legitimate National Championship. Even Utah. Then again, I’m just a poor dumb civil servant, what the hell do I know.


7 Responses to “Giving Credit to Obama”

  1. With Al Gore calling the conservation shots, soon you won’t have to worry because they wouldn’t be allowed to travel or have night games. It’s Madden video games for the Holiday Bowls! Besides, it’s sexist.

  2. Can they at least give the bowl names cooler names?

  3. I just love how the BCS leaves the decision of who is the best team up to everything else but the outcome on the field via a playoff system.

    I also love how they cry they have no time to do a playoff yet I watched the lower divisions of NCAA football in playoff games today on ESPN. How many Div I schools played today? None if they were not in a bowl game.

    The problem with the BCS is that schools make up their own schedules. Boise State has been undefeated twice in the last three years yet they never play the “big” schools. They try to play them but get declined.

    The whole system reeks protectionism by the schools that make money off the current system. Granted, the BCS has given a lot more exposure to a lot more schools, thus ensuring more teams have a chance at a national title but it still hasn’t addressed the scheduling problem.

    Until it does that the BCS will put the onus on deciding who is the number one team on the fans which is no way to determine a winner in sports.

  4. I hear you Chris, but you can’t tell me the schools making gazillions off the BCS wouldn’t make more off a playoff. I also think the BCS has done nothing to help smaller schools like Boise St. and Utah have a chance at a national championship. Sure, they have a chance to play in a BCS Bowl game, but they’ll never get a shot at the title. Personally, I don’t think they could win it anyway, but it would be nice to give them an honest chance, not a consolation prize.

  5. tell me again why kick out the Pac10?

  6. Because except for USC they suck, and we need to whittle down the number of “BCS” conferences.

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