Ain’t Global Warming A Bitch

You all know that I live in South Louisiana, right? You all know how freaking oppressively hot it is down here as well. We can’t stand to heat up anymore, and frankly, Global Warming scares me. Look and see the devastation Global Warming has wrought on South Louisiana!


Yes, Do!


Cotton? No! Azaleas!


It is pretty when you don’t have to…


Work in it.


Ain’t Global Warming a bitch!

My wife and I took all these pictures today…In South Louisiana.

13 Responses to “Ain’t Global Warming A Bitch”

  1. Dang. What is that stuff? It looks like snow and I have not seen any in about 15 years.

  2. hehe I read about this in the news a little while ago and thought the same thing. Where the hell did the Global Warming go?

  3. Welcome to my world…Buffalo NY.

  4. You need at least another 8 inches of snow to catch up to what we had Tuesday. Want me to see what I can do about that? Global warming, yeahhhhhhhhh right.

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  6. Holy Crap! It’s just like the movie the day after tomorrow predicted! Global Warming really does cause global coldening!

    Save yourselves, before it’s too late!!!!!111!!1!11

  7. At least it’s pretty.

  8. I thought of you when I read this earlier in the day. Make any snow angels?

    Pretty pictures, too. 🙂

  9. Now your blog is snowing. Make it stop!

    [That’s my tribute to Global Warming. Also, I’m sending WordPress a formal complaint about the stupid spam filter always catching your comments~JO]

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  11. It only happens here. Search teh comments for Fiar and see if I said something that might have triggered a flag against me. If you find something that looks like that’s it, edit the comment or delete it and it should fix the issue. I did this once with a comment you left that was getting you filtered, and soon as I edited the comment, you stopped getting filtered.

  12. I figured the problem out. Somehow your IP got stuck in the blacklist. I guess I did it inadvertently but I don’t remember blacklisting anybody. Anyhoo, I think it’s all better now.

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