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How Not to Get Killed by the Police: Jacksonville

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It’s time for another installment of our recurring series How Not to Get Killed by the Police. This time we will be looking at a hotspot of police maulings, Jacksonville, FL. The bottom line is the police in Jacksonville will kill your ass.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville police have shot and killed two men after separate armed robberies, bringing to 14 the number of fatal police shootings this year.

Rule number one, don’t go to Jacksonville. If you find yourself in Jacksonville, be on the lookout for roving bands of feral police officers that may strike at any time. Just look at this example of citizens minding their own business when they were suddenly cut down without warning:

The two shootings occurred early Monday.

The first happened after an armed robbery at a convenience store. Police spotted a car used in the robbery and stopped it. A gunman was shot and killed when he pulled a gun and shot at officers.

A short time later, police responded to another armed robbery. A car being pursued by police crashed into a telephone pole. Both men in the car ran. Police caught one and finally located the other man. When he fired at an officer, police fired back, killing him.

The Jacksonville police are extra dangerous.

Police have shot a total of 27 people this year, compared with 19 last year.

So stay out of Jacksonville! And read You Should Be Tasered regularly to find out how not to get killed by the police.