I Won An Award from Stupid Hippies

The Super Liberal gave me an award. Apparently I’m his idiot of the week. His rapier like satire, and commentary has injured my poor widdle psyche. Hippies are soooo stupid. This one is ripe for the impaling spike.

Hey Monte, crawl your ass back to your mom’s basement, and put your tinfoil hat back on, ya bitch you.


9 Responses to “I Won An Award from Stupid Hippies”

  1. Well done Jump!

  2. Sounds like they read your blog on a regular basis. Also sounds like a conflict is taking place in their thought process, possibly a little touch of envy even. Your logic is slowly making hairline cracks in their idealism(illogical thinking) Keep up the good work 😀

  3. I read the post. How did that idiot get what he/she said out of what you’ve written? What a clueless, illiterate idiot.

  4. Congrats. Keep up the good work.

  5. “Congrats. Keep up the good work.”

    Anytime mate. I try to show these right wingers what happens when they have so much hatred but sometimes it falls on deaf ears. Strength through peace!

  6. No comment. [insert rolling eyes here]

  7. StrengthPeace through peacestrength!.

    Fixed that for you SL.

  8. Welcome to the club!

    I did an interview with this mutton-headed (sorry veggie-headed) moron at my blog in Sept. I got the same award for my efforts

  9. That dude doesnt even deserve this attention.

    But I posted here anyway. 🙂

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