Taser Saves Mule Deer

Don’t you just hate it when a deer gets its antlers tangled in your rope swing? I know I sure do. The poor thing runs around in circles until it breaks its own neck, or is shot by an opportunistic hunter. It’s an unfortunate situation.

You may be thinking, “JumpOut, there must be a better way to free a deer from a rope swing that doesn’t kill the deer.” Missoula County Sheriffs Deputies have found a safe and humane, yet funny in a Schadenfreude kinda way to free deer from rope swings.

Deputies taser mule deer

Missoula County sheriff’s deputies turned a Taser on a mule deer buck Tuesday in order to free the animal from a rope swing near Lolo.

“We were able to avoid having to euthanize it, so it worked out pretty well,” said Lt. Rich Maricelli.

While I am sure I would prefer to shoot the deer and then eat him, I am also sensitive to law enforcement concerns of traumatizing the little old lady that may have discovered a deer in her rope swing. So remember boys and girls, if you find a deer tangled in your rope swing use the taser. If you use it enough, you won’t have to cook the deer later.

5 Responses to “Taser Saves Mule Deer”

  1. Well, duh! The rope swing was to blame. Isn’t that another term for noose? Sadam would know for sure. Rope swings kill; outlaw rope swings.

  2. RT beat me to that comment, dangit.

  3. They should have tased the deer, and then the old lady. Ha!

  4. If no one got to eat the deer, the deer’s life was pointless.

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