A Rare Find

Look what I found! A tasered redneck! At a truck stop no less!

Via TheTrucker.com

Lovers’ quarrel leads to taser treatment at truck stop


…43-year-old Christopher Reich then locked himself in his cab and threatened to harm himself with a knife. He also covered himself in lighter fluid. Deputies said they tried to talk him out of the truck, but that he continued to taunt them.

The dispute ended when the Reich leaned out the window, and a deputy hit him with a stun gun. No charges have been filed in the incident yet.

Is that anything like The Bartender Song by Rehab?


7 Responses to “A Rare Find”

  1. snigsspot Says:

    It doesn’t say what kind of truck it was…unless it was a Mack or a Kitty Whomper, they should have just tossed a match in.

  2. Darn the taser didn’t ignite the lighter fluid! FAIL!

  3. I just love the way rednecks think. They are so reactionary.

    Hilarious song too.

  4. I’m with RT. I was hoping that the fluid would ignite.

  5. snigsspot Says:

    Admiral and Jump- you guys do know that I consider myself a redneck, right?

    This dude isn’t necessarily a redneck, he is just trash. There is a difference. 😉

  6. Helooo, I’m from south Louisiana. I can make fun of rednecks all I want, as I am one. 😛 😉

    I third Julia and RT’s sentiment.

  7. I’m with alltree. The taser should be returned to the mfg. I could light up a lighter fluid drunk trucker, with a Wal-Mart butane quick stick.

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