How Not to Get Killed by the Police: Disarmament

Many people read the news everyday, and see people getting killed and maimed by police officers everyday. I’m sure they’re wondering how they can avoid being mauled by roving bands of police officers. Well, I’m here to give you some effective survival techniques that you can use to keep from being injured or killed if faced with rabid police officers on the hunt for blood.

Take this story:

Man shot by officers tried to grab gun, police say

It seems wild police officers just showed up at this guys house with their weapons drawn for no reason, and shot this man, and his innocent puppy. Always remember, police officers hate puppies and rainbows, and will shoot either if provoked.

Upon reviewing this story I found it was filled with lots of gobblety-gook that doesn’t really matter. Skip to this line:

Kwok grabbed Trabelsi’s gun, and the officer announced this to the other officers. Poorman said Kwok “had a hold of the weapon.”

O’Neill fired at Kwok. Police said Kwok then went for Trabelsi’s gun a second time, and Trabelsi fired.

If confronted by raving maniac police officers at your house for no reason with their guns drawn, DO NOT GRAB THEIR GUN!!! The whole thing with you being an unarmed, innocent bystander goes out the window when you grab the gun. If by chance you grab the gun once, and the crazy policeman is able to retain his weapon, DO NOT GRAB IT A SECOND TIME!!! You may avoid getting shot the first time. The second time you will not.


4 Responses to “How Not to Get Killed by the Police: Disarmament”

  1. Good advice! HA!

  2. And who says the web isn’t educational? You make me giggle loud enough that my dogs look at me funny Jump.

    Thanks. 🙂

  3. […] The How To Not Get Killed By The Police Series is truly enlightening [hilarious].  I would offer up the suggestion of the best way to not get killed by the police is to mind your damned manners and be law-abiding.  However, I am just the Grasshopper here, Jump Out is the master. […]

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