Masked Burglar Thwarts Cops Despite Taser

By now, we are all aware of what a taser is and what it does. We’ve all seen the videos like this, this (my personal favorite, NSFW Language), and of course this. Tasers are obviously very effective at gaining control over most resistive subjects. Most, but not all.

Apparently officers responding to a burglary call at an elderly couple’s home encountered a masked suspect that was able to defeat the officer’s attempt to tase him. VIA AP

With officers in pursuit, the raccoon took off through the house, ripping up Venetian blinds, pulling down drapes, knocking over a lamp and toppling a flowerpot. Finally, Officer Daniel Ek tried to let it out the back door when the suspect apparently turned threatening.

“While unlocking the back door, the suspect ran at Officer Ek,” the police report says.

Ek used his taser, but the raccoon ran up the chimney with the stun gun’s prongs in its back.

Now, Officer Ek will go down in law enforcement history as “That guy that let a raccoon whip his ass.”


5 Responses to “Masked Burglar Thwarts Cops Despite Taser”

  1. snigsspot Says:

    I hope it’s ok that I’m quietly giggling at this.

  2. He will never live it down.
    I found you through Snigs spot.
    Stop by my blog some time.

  3. Heh. Maybe he could have thrown a frying pan at it and stunned it? I’d love to see the countless practical jokes headed his way. 🙂

  4. Hah, tell him not to bother checking for prints, I also heard the perp was wearing fur-lined gloves

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