Barack Obama Has Doughnuts For Breakfast

Barack Obama supporters are rethinking their votes today after it was learned that he ate donuts for breakfast while on the campaign trail. Democrats are concerned because eating donuts flies in the face of the Democrat Presidential Nominee’s carefully crafted image as a scrawny, pointy-headed, elitist. Some Democrat strategists even expressed concerns that the doughnut’s link to common police officers could lead the radical, leftist, cook, voter to equate Obama to “The Man.”

Advisers to the Obama campaign said the doughnuts, chocolate covered with pink sprinkes, were just a quick, easily accessible source of calories for Sen. Obama to consume during his hectic campaign schedule. They said Mr. Obama himself never once stepped foot into a doughnut shop, and that other people actually picked up the doughnuts and brought them to him.

Democrat Party insiders pissed and moaned because their chosen one’s messianic image may be ruined. Rep. Steve Cohen (D, TN) said, “Jesus ate fish and bread, Pontias Pilate ate donuts.” Even insignificant TV personalities are expressing concern over Obama’s breakfast of champions. Joy Behar of the crappy ABC television show “The View” said, “I bet Joe the Plumber eats donuts.”

We attempted to contact Mr. Obama for comment, but he was unavailable. We did however run in to an Obama campaign staffer in a local Dunkin Donuts. When asked what he thought of Obama eating doughnuts he replied, “So what? It’s not like he spent a bunch of money on clothes!”


2 Responses to “Barack Obama Has Doughnuts For Breakfast”

  1. Mmm . . .donuts! Did you see the photo of Sarah in the black high boots? Friggin’ awesome!

    [sorry, you got caught up in the spam filter. Is fixed now. – JO]

  2. They’re a perfect food for a candidate who’s campaign is all sugar-coated, chocolate sweetness and full of holes.

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