Racist Code Words

Ever since New York Governor David Patterson called my attention to the fact that the term “community organizer” was a racist code word for “black” I’ve been noticing some more racist code words coming from the McCain campaign.

Here are some other racist code words:

  • That One = A derivative of those people. A common term used by whitey to connote the lower social status of black folks.
  • My Friends = McCain is a Republican; therefore he is incapable of being friends with black folks. Obviously this is just another way of saying “my fellow crackers”.
  • Working Americans = McCain is a Republican; therefore, he believes all black folks are on welfare. Obviously this is just another way of saying “honkies”.
  • Americans = McCain is a Republican; therefore, he is a Zionist. When he says Americans, he really means “teh joooos”.
  • Our Economy = McCain is white; therefore, he doesn’t include black folks when he says “our”. When he says “our economy” he means companies owned by rich honkey, cracker, joos!

I hope this telling look into racism has opened your eyes. To spot racism you have to read between the lines, and understand the person using the language. Go to Humor-Blogs.com now, and see if you can spot more racist codewords.


14 Responses to “Racist Code Words”

  1. omgdidisaythat Says:

    You won’t believe this dude, but we have racists just like that in the UK too.

  2. Thanks for opening my white eyes to just how awful of a person I am. I’m giving all my money to the next black person I see. I just hope they don’t spend all twenty-eight cents in one place.


    A rich, racist, cracker

  3. “community organizer” was a racist code word for “black”

    Uhh…my mental images of community organizers are usually white: a female who looks angry all of the time and doesn’t shave her pits, and the other is usually some old white guy that looks like Woody Allen.

  4. omgdidisaythat Says:

    good point allrtee, but weren’t you ever suspicous that Woody was in fact black.. I know it crossed my mind a few times.

  5. Woody is down for the struggle! He ’bout it, ’bout it.

  6. Naw.

    I don’t tend to judge people on their color.

  7. How great would it be if Bush addressed the nation with “My fellow crackers . . . “

  8. omgdidisaythat Says:

    Wyatt — thats good pal, very funny, and I bet he would do it for $5 too.

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  11. NIGGER HATER Says:

    YOU Lovely well complexioned african-american gentlepersons ARE NOTHIN BUT A BUNCH OF swell guys. YALL african-americans ARE MORE wonderful THAN WHITE PEOPLE AND WERE PRETTY gosh-darned wonderful. I DONT THINK YOU SILLY flowers ARE HUMAN YALL ARE flippity-flopin’ flowers AND NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU flowers TRY TO BE HUMAN YOU WILL NEVER BE EQUAL TO THE WHITE MAN.. YALL flowers CAN grow for THE GOVERNMENT AND TRY TO flower LAWS TO PROTECT YOUR flower garden BUT ITS NOT GONNA WORK FOR LONG YALL THE FUTURE of this country WE ARE GOING TO PUT ALL YOU flowers IN pretty ceramic pots JUST LIKE THE ficuses CUZ YALL ARE plants.
    HEIL VON FUHRER – hitler was a pussy
    ES MUSSIN DI JUDDEN VON SHIEDEN – I like hard black wieners in my cornhole
    AND love ALL pretty flowers
    i’ll shut my stupid pie-hole now

    all content editing and German translation performed by management. Also in case you couldn’t tell, the person that left this comment was a black person. Just another example of how parody, satire, and humor are wasted on the stupid. Be warned, racism will be mocked relentlessly.

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  13. Huh? Crack is a really bad drug.

    My grandfather and generations of his family are from South Africa. Should I be offended by this nutjob?

  14. RT, the word “african” was nowhere in the original.

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