We Don’t Kill Enough People

Perhaps you remember back in June, the SCOTUS ruled that the death penalty for child rapists was unconstitutional. They basically said, if you don’t feel like reading the opinion, that the country is against putting child rapists to death. Well, the fact that in 2006 Congress changed laws pertaining to the military to allow for the death penalty in such cases was never introduced to the highly enlightened Justices. In light of the Congressional action and a subsequent executive order in 2007 that backed the congressional action, SCROTUM SCOTUS was asked to revisit their original decision. Today they said “no”. Regardless of whether you agree with the way the SCOTUS just raped states’ rights again, you have to agree, we just don’t kill enough people these days.

I just can’t understand why killing unborn babies, and Terry Schiavo is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but snuffing out a monster that preys on the innocence of children is bad. How did we come from the point where we hung people for stealing cattle to where we are now? Now, even serial killers convicted of multiple murders don’t get whacked.

Stupid hippies always tell us that the death penalty is not a deterrent. I don’t care. It makes one less bad guy. That’s all that matters. I apologize if the term “bad guy” isn’t nuanced enough for you. I apologize because you’re obviously an idiot, and I’m sorry life dealt you a crappy hand. Your suffering is from the lack of killing people. Had we killed more people, there would have been less stupid people to breed stupidity. Too many stupid people led to The Great Depression, hippies, and Barrack Obama being a presidential candidate. I’m also pretty sure, since this country is a democracy and all, too many stupid people led to the lack of killing stupid people.

By keeping child rapists, murderers, stupid people, and hippies alive, we are destroying our gene pool. How is the human race supposed to advance with all this genetic dead weight dragging us down? I think we should all write letters to our congresspersons telling them to enact legislation to allow the killing of more people. If we don’t, surely we will all die.


2 Responses to “We Don’t Kill Enough People”

  1. We already have a program to weed out stupid people and liberals.

    It’s called abortion.

  2. Well, it’s not working! We need government sponsored…ummm…lead injections to speed the process up.

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