The Worst Thing Obama Has Done (So Far)

No commentary or jokes. Read this. From Michele Malkin (who I don’t like much).

14 Responses to “The Worst Thing Obama Has Done (So Far)”

  1. The arrogance in his voice is just the topper, too.

    He is so annoying.

  2. He was like. Oh, me too. Me too. I have a bracelet! Sergeant, uh,uh, uh. Look! Shiny!

  3. What you can better relate to the ignorance of Bush? Duh im from Texas and im going to kill all the terrorists in the world but not really just Iraq grrr.

  4. Go play on Kos, or DU with the rest of the children.

  5. I love how you people are so desperate to find something against Obama that you stoop to stupid things that simply don’t matter. And when you run out of immaterial things you start making up stories. Guess what! He’s President because the country voted for him. The people voted for him. Must be a pretty good guy when so many people said yes 😉 Peace and love 😛

  6. You people? You fucking racist! You mean black people? You mean black are desperate? You damn right we’re desperate, with you honkies keeping your foot on our neck!

  7. I believe he said “you people” in reference to people who do not like Obama.


  8. No “honky” is keeping their foot on your neck! You have more opportunities than anybody. Businesses have to hire a certain % of negros regardless if they are qualified for the job, blacks that live in the inner city on wellfare get to be bussed in to the good neighborhoods schools while whites get to go to the ghetto even know their parents strived to better themselves to keep them from there. The jails are filled with blacks not because “honkies” are holding you down, but because of your own decisions. I’m so tired of the African American “vctim mentality”. Get over it! You guys hold yourself down by dwelling on slavery that happend 200 years ago. Man up, and be thankful that you’re in the best country in the world, a place that will let you sit on your sorry ass all day collecting a wellfare check. Oh and btw, thank our constitution that you can say “honky” becaues lord knows if I used the “n” word I would be burned at the stake. ignorant asshole

  9. My name is Evan Says:

    Amber, you’re a genius. You’ve summed up everything we’re all thinking.

  10. Sorry Evan, you’re wrong. Amber is a tool, because she doesn’t know sarcasm when she reads it.

  11. My name is Evan Says:

    You sounded pretty convincing. Very authentic.

  12. Fricking blogs, hahahahaha. But really. This is not a big deal, even if you are picking out stupid stuff presidents do (lord knows I did it with Bush). He says, “Hey me, too” and then goes on to explain himself. Among ridiculous presidential fuck-ups, this is fairly unimpressive. I’d say his 57 states comment was funnier and definitely goofier.

    And if you heard the ‘arrogance’ in his voice? Seriously, you’ve just got a chip on your shoulder.

    Grow up.

  13. Yeah, shitting on the memory of a dead soldier, and the grief of his mother while trying to use them both for political expediency is no big deal when it comes from someone that’s trying to become the Commander in Chief. No big deal. Hahahaha.

  14. Deep breath- step back-

    Look at what you just posted. “shitting on the memory of a dead soldier”.

    Pointing out that you also respect a dead soldier does not constitute taking a dump by any means, and his inability to recall the name offhand demonstrates only that it was not at the forefront of his mind.

    If you’re looking for reasons to dislike a president, look towards his policies or find a place where he openly flouts his ignorance.

    Gonna have to go and confidently say that you’ve blown this epicly out of proportion.

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