What’s Next…

…A ten day waiting period for steak knives? If you don’t buy into the theory that if we let the government outlaw assault rifles they will incrementally ban more and more stuff, check this out:

Via BBC News

An anti-knife initiative has been established that will see up to 90 music concerts arranged around the UK and Ireland.

Hay Zeus Crisco I hate hippies. I’m telling you all, hippies are the downfall of all mankind. I know what you’re thinking, it’s just a series of concerts. Yeah, that’s these hippies operate. They want to bring “awareness” to the issue, then try to get it banned.

Awareness is stupid. Remember back in the 80s it was all about drug awareness? Do you think people use more or less drugs now? Then it was all about safe-sex awareness. More or less STDs now? More or less pregnant teens?

Anyhoo, back to the topic at hand. I guess since the UK has made the ownership of firearms illegal there must be no gun crime to protest, right?

Concern over the rise in knife and gun crime saw traffic brought to a standstill in London on Saturday when more than 2,000 people marched in protest at the use of knives by young people. (emphasis mine)

Right, protesting is going to end knife crime. Here’s a solution: Allow law abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms, and you’ll have less thugs with knives. I guess common sense really isn’t common.


3 Responses to “What’s Next…”

  1. I’m bringing my chakra to a knife fight. Ommmm.

  2. I’m starting a rally to protest worldwide chakra violence! All chakras must be banned.

  3. Why can’t we have concerts to outlaw smelly people, especially the whole, “I’m a rich white boy in need of an identity, so I’ll grow a smelly head of dreds talk like a stoner, and whine about people who actually have jobs?

    It seems more productive than 90 concerts (that will kill the environment–ironic fools) to protest knives? We are doomed to sporks because of these people.

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