Ahh Crap! (An Update)

Dang it! Apparently the asshole that passed gas at the police got his battery charge dropped.

Via CNN.com

An assistant says Magistrate Jack Pauley signed a motion to dismiss the charge Thursday.Cruz, who was arrested Tuesday, still faces driving under the influence and other charges.

They could have at least got a plea bargain out of the deal. Still, I wouldn’t suggest farting on the police. They might taser your ass off the side of a building.

By the way, get your daily ration of conservative political humor at Radioactive Liberty: Conservative Political Humor and Satire! Now, if I could just get someone else besides FIAR that writes at Radioactive Liberty: Conservative Political Humor and Satire! to read this crap, that link might serve a purpose.


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  1. I did not read this; therefore, I will not leave a comment. Unfortunately, no terrorists will die because of my inaction.

  2. I’m sorry you did not read this post; therefore, you couldn’t leave a comment. I did not mean to help the terrorists win.

  3. Dammit people! Why are you letting the terrorists win?

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